Saturn Ascension Experiments cover art

Union Wireless Saturn Ascension Experiments

Released July 1996

The first Union Wirelesss album was recorded and mixed during two hectic weekends at analogue mecca Toe Rag Studios in Shoreditch. The studio's focus on classic analogue hardware appealed to the vintage sound we were going for - the warm hum of valves, the physicality of dials and levers, and the static hiss of tape. Even back then it felt like being in a cool time warp.

At that point we were a live band so pretty much every track was recorded live. A few bits and pieces were overdubbed - mostly organs - but by and large this is pretty much how we sounded live at that point.

We were trying to arrive at a sound that was unique to us, but the influences are pretty clear - we were very much into CAN and Slint, but there's other stuff poking around in there, from the Soft Machine to "Bitches Brew", a touch of New Order and even bits of garage punk.


“It's a good feeling, exciting, tracing where Union Wireless are coming from and going to. Run a finger from sixties garage and the inquisitive fall-out of seventies punk, sliding up to free jazz and hinting at jungle and hip hop.”

Melody Maker

“Union Wireless go for the full locked bass groove, space-rock approach but with an underlying warmth... they reach a quiet intensity without recorse to minimal overkill.”

The Wire

“Their Kraut-inspired kozmik hypno-rock is immensely groovy and spiked with garage band roughness. More "out there" than "out of it".”


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Track listing

Saturn ascension02:30
Come and Tell Me 02:35
Now Time Styling 10:17
Grasshoppers 04:48
I'm Not Used To It 03:35
Flame Out 09:19
Breathing, Space 01:40
Honey 03:36
Ten Miles of Bad Road 05:22

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