Mid Tonal Tracking cover art

Union Wireless Mid-Tonal Tracking

Released August 1997

The record that came between the two Union Wireless albums was very much part of a deliberate transformation. We had changed line-up and started to work with a wider range of instruments, making more use of clarinet, viola, and cello alongside the standard guitars and drums.

The mood was slower, more laid back, and based on more patient layering of sound. The space rock leanings of the first album gave way to something is a little more groove based.

This record was also written in the studio as we started to move away from our focus on a live band. We stopped really thinking about how we might play the songs live, which encouraged us to be more adventurous with the sound.


“There's a pervasive sense of restraint across these four tracks; the songs' carefully built-up layers and inherent dynamism make them quietly compelling.”

The Wire

“Union Wireless make music made to be muttered over; vague, nudging, extemporised hints and subliminal listlessness, the sweetest sounds of the seventies skating over the contemporary ennui of the nineties.”

Melody Maker

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Track listing

I Never Dream05:18
Your Move02:44
Now Time Re-Styling 07:05
Where I'm Calling From 06:34

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