All Her Life cover art

Union Wireless All Her Life

Released September 2000

The final Union Wireless record was a bit of a labour of love. A combination of factors - some logistical, others financial - meant that it took around two years to get the record finished.

By this point the group was a floating collective of musicians, some of whom were talented to an almost intimidating degree. We wanted to expand our range of instrumentation, though still ensure that the sound was rooted in accoustic instruments, as opposed to the studio-based digital manipulation that many of our peers were gravitating towards.

We recorded this album with Toby Robinson, whose background working with the likes of CAN and Derek Bailey meant that he understood where we were coming from and encouraged us to be adventurous. Songs were almost completely improvised in the studio from very basic ideas and some of the recording sesssions were intensely creative.


“While their debut album bore all the space-rock tokens of the modern avant-garde, Union Wireless' second album tries to push their particular cosmic envelope.. with the stringed flutter of "A Carnival" and the spiralling jazz lofic apparent on "Circulation" and "She Is Asleep" they keep their sonic adventurers' passports.”


“Union Wireless make the kind of sound sculptures one wouldn't mind living in, if that were possible.”


“The sort of music that staring out of the window was invented for... if you've ever desired to experience more than the low-level hum of indie mediocrity you could do far worse than start here.”

Melody Maker

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Track listing

All Her Life08:04
Afterglow 02:35
A Carnival06:00
The Best Time of the Day02:38
She Is Asleep02:58
Walking Or Running 06:47
Just One Minute03:05
Smoke and Deception04:29

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